Make better decisions

Gather, track and intelligently aggregate your people's predictions in an easy, effective and fun way.

Leverage the untapped knowledge and experience of your people

We are on a mission to help organizations make better decisions by leveraging the knowledge and insights of their people that otherwise would not have been utilized. Our software will identify the most accurate forecasters in your team and use smart aggregation algorithms to produce the best forecast. You can then use this knowledge when making decisions.


Decision-making processes are often inefficient, lacks data and involve power struggles.


Your people have knowledge that you're not utilizing, leading to blind spots and biased descision-making.


Use an internal prediction system to gather, track and intelligently aggregate your people's predictions.

Use cases

There are numerous operational and strategic decisions that will benefit from using a better and more rational decision-making process.

Product development

Will our conversion rate increase by 10% or more within one month after we release the new design?

Project management

What is the probability of finishing the development project by June 15 2019?

Sales and demand forecasting

Given the same marketing budget as in 2018, how many units will we sell in 2019?

Just for fun

Will Tom in the marketing department finish the 2019 London Marathon?

Strategic decisions

If we merge with Acme, will our profits in 2019 be at least 10 % larger than the two companies' combined profits in 2018?

Risk management

What is the probability that our final deliverable will be accepted by the client?

Market trends

Will the share of total traffic from mobile phones to our site exceed 50 % of total sessions by the end of 2019?

Uncertainty analysis

The total cost of our new headquarters is estimated to be USD 100 Million. Within what interval will the costs be with 90 % probability?

People and organization

If we double the frequency of one-on-ones between managers and direct reports, will a smaller share of employees quit or be let go in 2019 than in 2018?

How it works

Our software will aggregate answers from people in your organization in a smart way to give you the best possible predictions.

Ask your question

What are you uncertain about?



Leveraging their unique view on the situation, your colleagues give their best probability estimates. They can update any time.



Using finely-tuned algorithms, you get an improved probability estimate based on the latest individual estimates.



Now that you have a clearer view of the future, you're in a good position to make decisions.


Improve accuracy

Empiricast is built on cutting edge research and practice.

+ 40 %

Identify the best

When predictions meet reality, you'll know who to trust (source).

+ 20 %

Intelligently aggregate predictions

Sophisticated algorithms outperform simple ones (source).

+ 10 %

Facilitate collaboration

Research shows that allowing forecasters to collaborate helps them improve (source).

+ 10 %

Practice and train

Using minimal training modules, forecasters can improve significantly (source).

Why is this better than just talking to people?

Smart algorithms

Smart algorithms aggregates individual predictions in the optimal way and assignes weights to different participants prediction based on their previous performance.

Continuously update

Participants can update their predictions anytime in reactions to new information. Ensuring that all relevant information is captured in the estimate.

Measure accuracy

Total and individual performance is evaluated after each prediction. This information is then applied to automatically update and improve the prediction algorithms.


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