Leverage the untapped knowledge and experience of your people

We are on a mission to help organizations make better decisions by leveraging the knowledge and insights of their people that otherwise would not have been utilized. Our software will identify the most accurate forecasters in your team and use smart aggregation algorithms to produce the best forecast. You can then use this knowledge when making decisions.


team people

Martin Holten


Experience from management consulting, different startups and as head of analytics in a global tech company. Loves to implement insights from data in the real world.

team people

Yngve Høiseth


Has been working as a software developer, project manager and have had different roles in startups. Passion for predictions and how to measure things that really matter.

Our most important values and habits

Seek truth and be honest

Honest truth-seeking is difficult, but important. We value truth more than harmony. Being honest can be uncomfortable, but is virtually always the right thing to do.

Continuously improve

Great progress is made one step at a time. When you solve a problem, it's easy to just move on to the next. Instead, consider taking the time to figure out why the problem occured, and how to prevent similar problems in the future.

Work hard and have fun

Deep concentration is essential to getting things done. And having fun is essential to be able to keep doing it.

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