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yhoiseth Well-calibrated. Correct 76.92307692307692 % of the time. -415.47
$200 $700 forecast for 2020-06-30

It's funny how Musk has gotten such a loyal investor base—at least, that's what the price seems to be a sign of.

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dmoney Well-calibrated. Correct 80 % of the time. 4199.01 (edited)
$100 $300 forecast for 2020-12-31

Everyone likes Musk and Tesla, but their valuation makes no sense whatsoever. Tesla is priced like a tech company with insane network effects etc, but they are not. Tesla is making cars and are losing a lot of money in the process. Currently they are valued at about three times sales, Volkswagen as a counter example is valued at about 35% of sales and priced at an PE of about 7, with about 60% of their market value in cash!

Car stocks are very cyclical and with the likelihood of a recession or financial turmoil increasing this will likely crush the Tesla stock as they will probably have to raise more money regardless of the financial climate since they currently have 5 billion$ in cash and are losing about 1 billion $ a year. Another important consideration is that Tesla's competition is increasing all the time by established competitors releasing new models that are at least as good as Tesla's cars.

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forex 0
$500 $600 forecast for 2020-01-31

Always hard to know when greed changes into fear :)

dmoney Well-calibrated. Correct 80 % of the time. 4199.01
$520 $580 forecast for 2020-01-31

Number of FOMO buyers should dry up soon and we should start seeing people taking some profit from the insane Tesla run

insighter 0
$480 $600 forecast for 2020-01-31

Haha, this is insane! Almost all professional money managers think the stock is over priced, but amateurs keep buying. Always a bigger fool

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