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dmoney Well-calibrated. Correct 80 % of the time. 4199.02 (edited)
$20 $200 forecast for 2021-12-31

Beyond meat creates plant based products that imitate meat products such as burgers, sausages and ground beef. They went public in may 2019 and after a 670% rally from $25 to $235 they are now back at about $80. The stock really crashed after the company released a somewhat disappointing 2019Q2 results and at the same time insiders, including the CEO were cashing out like crazy - which understandably did not build trust. They currently grow at about 30% per quarter and their products are getting available in selected stores and restaurants. Their sales are still tiny with 2019Q3 sales of $90 millions and even posted a $4 million profit for that quarter. Expected sales for 2020 is $360 millions which at the current pricing gives them a P/S of 14 - which is still crazy high. If things goes as planned they will have a P/E of 35 in 2023, which still is, expensive! Low debt, $350 million in cash and a market cap of about $5 billion gives them a lofty P/B of 13.

Competitive environment: The big players as Nestle, Morningstar Farms, Gardein, Tyson foods etc are also in this market and Beyond meats marketshare in the US for the meatless market is about 3%, but they are currently growing faster than the competition. The overall market for meatless is growing at about 25% a year and if BeyondMeat actually manages to capture significant market shares they definitely have a good business going on, and also potentially a candidate for takeover by one of the larger players in the food market. However, for their current valuation to make any sense everything has to go their way in the next few years.

Vegan and meatless has a lot of tailwind which I believe will help to keep the stock price higher than what is rational at this point, I therefore forecast a flat development over the next couple of years within a broad range since the volatility and uncertainty will be high.

dmoney Well-calibrated. Correct 80 % of the time. 4199.02 (edited)
$100 $145 forecast for 2020-01-31

We might see a short term run for the Beyond Meat stock up to the resistance at around 150.

insighter 0

Insane run lately! Resistance at 100.

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$60 $140 forecast for 2020-06-30

I think the company will be bought within two years by one of the big players.

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