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dmoney Well-calibrated. Correct 80 % of the time. 4199.02
$3.5 $7.2 forecast for 2020-02-29

Zynga will present 2019Q4 results on February 5th 2020. After almost a doubling of the stock price in 2019, the stock will be hit hard if the results are on the weaker side. Expect huge volatility.

dmoney Well-calibrated. Correct 80 % of the time. 4199.02 (edited)
$3 $10 forecast for 2020-12-31

Zynga is a company that creates social games across multiple platforms. The company was founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco and have had a slow return from the dead after their stock plunged 85% back in 2012 when they has problems following up with new titles after successes as FarmVille and MafiaWars. After managing to turn things somewhat around, posting a topline growth and positive earnings in 2018 the stock is up more than 300% since 2018.

Their balance sheet is super strong with $1.4 billions in cash, $560 million in debt on a $7 billion valuation. Their current valuation with a P/E north of 100 is based on Zynga managing to reach their growth expectations of about 30% in earnings and revenue growth per year over the next few years.

The social gaming space is crowded and the stock price development depends on Zynga managing to deliver on the high revenue growth expectations that the market has. One slightly bad quarter can make the stock crumble. I set my price expectations in a broad range without much upward movement.

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